Black And White Coffee Table Books

Black And White Coffee Table Books – There is no doubt that beautiful coffee table books add an elegant sense of style to any room. With a sumptuous candle, a vase of flowers and a beautifully curated selection of coffee table books, you can turn a minimalist slate into something to envy when decorating your home on Home & Garden or Pinterest.

There are few things more stylish than Tom Ford or Chanel books with their beautiful covers. It certainly helps that many fashion-oriented publications have a bold, classic black and white design.

Black And White Coffee Table Books

Black And White Coffee Table Books

Like clothing, coffee table fashion books come in a variety of price points, from wallet-friendly options to investment-worthy splurges. I’ve included a selection that fits each price range. They are also the perfect gift for any occasion.

White Black White Coffee Table Book (faux)

The following are my favorite 12 fashion coffee table books with stylish backs and covers that every fashion lover should have on their coffee table. I hope you find inspiration…

Black And White Coffee Table Books

One additional book worth mentioning is the stunning 2018 edition of Windows at Tiffany & Co. It is well beyond my budget for such items at a breathtaking $845. However, if money is no object and you love Tiffany & Co, this would definitely be an investment piece.

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Black And White Coffee Table Books

Designer Disguised Coffee Table Book Art Dressing Room Art

This blog is not affiliated with any of the products above, they are just items that I really love.

12 Best Chic Neutral Coffee Table Books 9 Artificial Orchids Create Stunning Home Decor 12 Best Chic Classic Blazers For Women. Every coffee table or bookshelf never fails to add the perfect finishing touch, and with so many beautiful books on the market, they can be seamlessly coordinated to match any decor style or color scheme. In fact, the latter is exactly what our lovely designer, Dee Murphy of Murphy Deesign, is covering today! If you’ve ever been on the hunt for ONE coffee table book in the perfect shade, then you’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned as Dee dives into her favorite coffee table books by color, plus GM prints (today’s the last day for 20% off btw) that she’d combine…

Black And White Coffee Table Books

When it comes to coffee table books, you can choose by content, style or size to create your own tablescape. You can also arrange the surfaces (tables and shelves) by color… which is, of course, nice on the “gram”. Want a black and white aesthetic? Do you want a rainbow shelf? It sounds easy… but it can actually get tricky filling in the blanks when you’re looking for just ONE MORE PINK BOOK. Especially if you want to tie the book in with other pieces of decor in your room, like a really great print hanging on the wall or standing on your shelf. So, per my friend’s request (who actually asked me to create this list a while back), here’s a collection of some of my favorite books in five different colors AND the best Gray Malin prints that are 20% off right now, for the combo with them. You’ll never have to wander the aisles of Barnes & Noble again. Unless you like to do that sort of thing…like I do sometimes. 😉 Think of this as your starter kit – if you like where I’m going, I’ll give you round two! Note: With some of these books…I take my jacket off for the desired effect! Here we go… Black Coffee Table Books

Best Coffee Table Books Of 2020 Offer Escape From Your Living Room

1. Tom Ford, $60.75 (Everyone’s got one…but you can’t deny its simple graphic beauty.) | 2. Black: Monochrome Architecture, $33.96 | 3. Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Ours, $36.56 | 4. Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue, $143.37 | 5. House Built by Pinterest $36.50

Black And White Coffee Table Books

1. The History of Surfing, $39.58 (I LOVE this book like a surfer… but I love it even more when my jacket is off and it shows the white cover!) | 2. The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living, $18.57 | 3. Lee (Icons), $32.53 | 4. The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style, $30.93 | 5. Organic Architecture, $20.39

1. ESCAPE, $30.22 (Holiday FOMO? Just leave this on the coffee table and open it to escape… at least for a few minutes!) | 2. Mykonos Muse, $69.99 | 3. Los Angeles: Portrait of a City, $53.61 | 4. Chic Stays (Classics), $55.42 | 5. Allegra Hicks: Eye for Design, $41.80

Black And White Coffee Table Books

Where I Buy My Coffee Table Books (and My Hack For Cheap White + Black Books)

1. Gisel Bündchen, $49.57 (the top is pink…the spine is orange…and EVERYTHING works for me!) | 2. Christian Louboutin, $72.50 | 3. Domino: Your Guide to the Stylish Home, $10.97 | 4. Mexico: A Cookbook, $44.11 (For foodies… and so beautiful to look at!) | 5. IMPACT: 50 years CFDA, $48.74

1. BEACHES Signed Collector’s Edition, $125 | 2. Neutra: The Complete Works, $47.41 | 3. Three Travel Sketchbooks: Venice, India, Senegal, $200 | 4. Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles & Details, $24.28 | 5. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating, $23.79 (keep this one close by—not on the top shelf—for some serious design lessons!)

Black And White Coffee Table Books

Which color scheme appeals to you the most? Will you be picking up one of these awesome coffee table books?

Coffee Table Décor Tips And Tricks I The Olve

How to choose just one among all these stunning options?! Let’s be honest, we’re adding more to our shopping carts as we speak… While you’re shopping for coffee table books, hop on over to the site and pick a Malin Gray print that matches your color scheme for 20% off.

Black And White Coffee Table Books

To learn more about Dee Murphy, follow her work on Instagram and visit her website. And of course, stay tuned for more design tips here on the blog!

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Black And White Coffee Table Books

Chanel 3 Book Slipcase (new Edition) Coffee Table Book

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Beautiful high-quality artificial books for coffee table decoration will fit perfectly in every corner of your home. These fake books can make a wonderful gift for any occasion. These fashion books reflect the books of famous fashion designers.

Black And White Coffee Table Books

❕Depending on your location, we can send you the book you need to fold these books yourself – IT TAKES LESS THAN A MINUTE AND IS SUPER EASY. If needed – send us a message and we’ll send you a quick HOWTO video ❕

Thick Coffee Table Books White Black Gold Designer

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Black And White Coffee Table Books

At first I thought the books were bigger, but they are just right. A great addition to my home. They look great on my window. Thank you very much.

Love love these books! They look amazing in my house and I’ve already gotten compliments from my guests 🤩 Great customer service, great quality products and super fast delivery – what could be better?? I will definitely be buying more in the future!

Black And White Coffee Table Books

Booth & Williams Modern White & Black Colorstak, S/4 & Reviews

I absolutely love this book! Great quality, looks great on my coffee table. And very fast shipping! I will buy again

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Black And White Coffee Table Books

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Black And White Coffee Table Books

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Black And White Coffee Table Books

What Is The Point Of Coffee Table Books?

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