Best Coffee Table For Sectional

Best Coffee Table For Sectional – Sunbeds are ideal for relaxing at the end of a long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But what can interfere with that peaceful feeling is the need to get up every time you want a cup of tea or to reach for your glasses.

A conventional coffee table placed in front of your recliner just isn’t going to work. You’ll need to leave a good 20 inches in front of the bench for when the leg rests come up, which also means they’re not as useful when not in recline mode.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

So what to do? Don’t stress – we’ve looked at some alternative ways to keep that G&T handy, so hit that button, lean back and enjoy.

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Placing a coffee table with a couch requires some thought if you want to ensure that it is still functional but looks good. For example, this table below is angled so that the light area is easily accessible.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

However, if you have a round table with tapered legs, like the example below, it gives a cohesive quality to this leather sofa set. This can also be achieved by using similar color schemes.

A large, square coffee table works well with this L-shaped armchair, creating a pleasing symmetry and giving plenty of table space for magazines, drinks and snacks. Although for some it makes a lot of sense to drink a coffee at a distance, without getting up after lying down in your couch, so it is worth keeping in mind what you will be using the coffee table for .

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

Ora Coffee Table By Moree

If you have a three-seater, you may find that you often let the 2 outer seats recline. Make the space in between perfect for a small square coffee table like this simple design from Overstock. Made with a solid wooden top, the shelf below provides extra space for magazines or chocolates leaving the top free for cups or glasses.

A portable and versatile folding table is perfect for your couch. It can be placed anywhere along either arm so you can reach your snack without getting up.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

Not only does this stylish wooden table look good, it has a non-slip surface so you won’t have any tricky red wine spills to deal with either.

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Depending on what you want to use your coffee table for, one option is to have your “coffee table” built in. This 3-seater couch from Overstock has 2 separate sections where you can place your coffee mugs close at hand. There is also lid storage for your remote controls, keys and phone chargers. A neat solution all around.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

Turn your sofa into a coffee table by using an ottoman tray placed on the non-reclining seat. With plenty of room to hold your bits and pieces, you can have all the benefits of a coffee table without needing bulky furniture. It looks great and you can change your theme easily and cost effectively.

This neat, space-saving, solid oak table designed by John Weaver is perfect for sitting next to your couch. Its simple clean lines will look good in any home decor and is a versatile table that can also be used in front of your sofa.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

How To Choose The Best Coffee Table For Your Sectional

This super stylish over arm table from MADE will sit neatly next to your couch in both upright and reclined mode. You can use it over the arm if you want to eat your takeaway before your favorite show or dare we say – work from home. Made from powder-coated iron, it’s built to last.

Made of metal and wood, this sturdy table comes on wheels that make it easy to maneuver where you want, perfect for use with a couch. Put it next to it when it’s backwards or in front when it’s upright, its industrial design looks great with modern decor as well as more traditional ones.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

A sectional setup with a lying area lends itself to a large square table like this one from Overstock. It fits neatly into the space and can be reached by anyone sitting or indeed lying down. Made of MDF and chipboard, it comes in espresso, vintage walnut or weathered white finish. The contemporary design allows for plenty of crates, style storage

Captivating Rectangular Coffee Table With Sectional Sofa Combos

Yes, as we explained above, it is still possible to have a coffee table with an armchair, but for it to be of practical use, it must be close at hand, but not in the way of the reclining mechanism. Side tables, portable tables, built-in tables and trays are all good designs that work well when your sofa is angled or upright.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

If you like the idea of ​​having a central coffee table, check out this walnut finished MDF table on wheels. A versatile table that can be moved to any convenient position for where you want to sit. If just one section is set backwards, it can slide right in next to you so that a glass of fizz is just an arm’s reach away.

If placed in front of an armchair, your coffee table should be at least 20 inches away to allow for the foot rest when reclined. Coffee tables look best when they are 1 to 2 inches lower than the height of your sofa seat.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

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An armchair needs a lot of space, so it is not always easy to place in a smaller room. Unlike an armchair, which is best placed in front of where two walls meet, a sofa should be fairly central and have a focal point – such as a fireplace or TV.

Our love of binge-watching Netflix has demanded more comfort from our traditional couch. Modern designs are getting better and many homes now feature smart sectionals that have the best of both worlds.

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

If this has given you some ideas on how you can still use a coffee table with your couch, you may want to sit back and think about how to choose and style the perfect one for your home decor scheme. Happy hunting.

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If you are in a furniture store, it might seem easy to choose a coffee table, simply choose your favorite and get it right at home? Unfortunately it is not

Best Coffee Table For Sectional

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Best Coffee Table For Sectional

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Best Coffee Table For Sectional

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Best Coffee Table For Sectional

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Best Coffee Table For Sectional

Best Sectionals For Living Rooms

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