Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table – My parents picked up this trunk at the annual antique show in Bouckville, NY for $10. I knew it was a gem and would be the perfect project for me. Immediately, I imagined how I would turn it into a coffee table, I just wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it. I went home for Labor Day weekend and finally got to see this piece with my own eyes. It definitely needed some work and TLC, but I was up for the challenge. I have to give a shout out to my dad and brother for helping me get started. This is what we’ve been working with…

The bottom inside was lined with paper which was quite loose and falling apart at this point. We used a wire brush to scrape it all off before spraying the entire exterior and interior with a hose.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Next we were trying to figure out what we were going to use on top of the trunk. Glass was a suggestion, but I was pretty stuck on the idea of ​​using wood. If we didn’t have anything around, we would head to Home Depot and check out what they had. Luckily my brother found some old scrap pine wood that would be perfect. He glued a few pieces together and my dad cut it to size for me. I would do the rest of the work at home.

Swedish Oak 1850 Antique Trunk Or Coffee Table, Wrought Iron Mounts

My next step was to refresh the wood panels on the outside. I read on Pinterest that a good trick for this is to use coconut oil, which I happened to have a jar of. I ordered it from amazon.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Unbelievable! I used some warm water and soap to clean the green canvas, which didn’t help too much, but it did remove some of the dirt. Next was painting the pine. I learned that pine is a very soft wood and doesn’t absorb stains very well. To solve this problem, my father gave me a jar of blemish balm.

In between waiting for the stain layers to dry, I tackled the inside of the trunk. There were tons of possibilities for this, but since we were going to use it as a coffee table and the top would be down most of the time, I figured I wouldn’t spend too much time on this and just paint it.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Hope Chest Coffee Table Trunk In Blue

Went with a neutral color and did a great job covering all the old wood and canvas. As you can tell by looking at this trunk, it is very old and has a lot of rust on it. I grabbed a wire brush from the store and went to work on a few of the highlights. I could spend hours upon hours doing this, but my little hands can’t handle all that work! I might come back later and do some more, but for now I cleaned them up as best I could.

Even though I didn’t get all the rust and dirt off, I really like how they look. I think it cleans it enough to keep the antique look.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

After the stain dried, I applied several coats of polyurethane to seal it. My father came up with the idea of ​​hanging the tree on top. Cut four small squares of wood about half an inch thick. Glue each one to the corners and once they are dry, apply another layer of glue on top of them. We put the wood on top where we wanted it and covered it with a cloth and put an old tire on it overnight to help it shrink and stick.

Storage Chests Under $200 That Double As Coffee Tables

We debated selling this piece, but it’s just too cool to pass up. It’s a great new addition to our living room and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my dad and brother. Thanks for the help guys!

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

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There’s nothing like an old trunk to show off your love of travel. Inspired by the travels of Ernest Hemingway, the Byers Cocktail Table Trunk adds a timeless sense of adventure with a traditional feel to it as well. It has cane feet to take it off the floor and make it look a little more like a decorative table.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Vintage Malle J.d.p. Steamer Trunk

If you really want to embrace a more steampunk style, characterized by a mixture of Victorian era and industrial decor, an old trunk really does the trick. Check out these two examples that were featured on Homedit.

A map can really emphasize your steampunk traveler theme, especially when paired with a coffee table trunk! Try something bold like a large wall map to bring it all together.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Many vintage trunks come in brown or black, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the trend entirely if you’re looking for a lighter option. There are many white or lighter neutral colored stems that you can get. Here’s one you can buy at Target. Coffee Table Wooden Trunk, Farmhouse Style Trunk, Chestnut Hope Chest Crate Trunk Line

If a trunk isn’t doing it, why not try a large suitcase instead? The white lace cottage and style me pretty has a white suitcase and trunk with a very shabby chic look.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

If you look around hard enough, you’ll find coffins in all sorts of different styles and colors. Here’s one featured on Every Girl that ditches the old frayed look and instead embraces a cleaner, more refined look with all that gold hardware.

White and lighter coffins are a good alternative, but don’t be afraid to embrace those darker coffins that really make a statement. In fact, you can still use them even when most of your furniture and overall theme is white or light. Add some depth and boldness to a bright room, as this dark wood coffee table does.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Vintage Watajoy Travel Trunk / Coffee Table.

Even a room that already has a lot of color in it can use a dark trunk to bring the whole look together. This colorful beach themed room from Desire to Inspire uses a beautiful navy trunk.

Living rooms that are a little on the bland side can be enhanced with a dark brown or black trunk. Check out this mostly white room from The Grower’s Daughter, which looks so much better with an oversized black coffee table trunk.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Some trunks may seem a bit tall to use as coffee tables. If you’re looking for something a little lower to the ground, try taking inspiration from this lovely old trunk featured on which brings a bit of timeless, rustic style to a mostly neutral living room.

Diy Vintage Steamer Trunk Coffee Table — Revival Woodworks

If you really want to be bold, go for the blackest trunk you can find! This one, featured on Apartment Therapy, was apparently picked up off the street for free and even still had stickers on it.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

White, brown, black… where is all the color with these trunks?! Although they may not be as common as some of the less colorful selections, brightly colored stems are still out there. You may also be able to paint if it is made of material that can withstand paint. This stunning pastel blue trunk from Jenna Suede Design adds blue accent colors to the room, while this darker teal trunk adds some much needed color to a living room full of very neutral furniture.

You can bring some sparkle and shine to your living room by going for something more unusual with a metal trunk. The Desert Domicile features a stand to lift it off the floor. This one from Waiting on Martha has some wood detailing to keep the old vintage feel intact.

Antique Trunk As Coffee Table

Antique Steamer Trunk Chest Coffee Table

What do you think about using a trunk as a coffee table? Of course, they’re not for everyone, but these examples at least give you a glimpse of how well it can work with all sorts of different themes, colors and decorative accents. You probably know this by now, we LOVE vintage trunks. The styling possibilities, the nostalgia, the charm… the storage options. There’s so much to love, we might be a little obsessed—in a good way! We have the largest collection of beautiful vintage chests to offer to our vintage lovers. A good vintage trunk is not only rich in character, but also rich in history. A

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