A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

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A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Many people feel confused when working out how to style their homes. They want their place to look like the homes they see in magazines but aren’t sure how to achieve that look – in fact, that’s one of the questions I get asked the most. If you’re not sure where to start when styling your home, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a design-loving friend, you can’t look past a coffee table book. A great book is one of the most used items in an interior stylist’s kit and can be used in many ways to add interest or show personality to a home.

Stylish Mid Century Coffee Tables For Every Space

You can put some on your coffee table with a bouquet of flowers next to it, or put some on your sideboard and place a candle on top. They even look good on bedside tables or stacked on the floor next to the occasional chair. Here are the top 15 coffee table books I use in people’s homes and in my styling projects. These books are modern, graphic and full of personality and design influences. They’re also great to read, if you’re looking for some design inspiration.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Most of the books below are quite affordable but will make a big statement in your home. They also make great Christmas, birthday or housewarming gifts for design lovers or those die-hards. Click on the links or book images for prices and where to buy.

Not only is this book a wonderful round-up of designer Tom Ford’s work, but it also features black and white graphic effects. It’s regularly used by top stylists and a quick search on Pinterest will reveal that the book appears on the coffee tables of top design creators, online influencers and bloggers. This is definitely my number one coffee table book.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Kramer Table Basse Livre De Tables Basses Hard Émail Debout

If you haven’t heard of the Kinfolk brand, you’re really missing out. Kindred is known for aesthetic simplicity and beautiful recreations. This is a beautiful collection of books for lovers of food, entertainment and beautiful design. They also publish a magazine which is worth subscribing to – or you can buy back issues here.

An overview of Coco Chanel’s work and a collection of simply beautiful books. Striking black and white branding makes a big statement in almost any decor.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

This pretty pink book looks lovely in rooms with soft palettes. It is widely used by design and fashion bloggers who include it in their styling vignettes along with other books.

Madeleine Home Coffee Table Black Mango Wood Modern Coffee Table With Storage In The Coffee Tables Department At Lowes.com

Kelly Hoppin is one of the world’s leading interior designers. This book not only looks beautiful, but is full of design inspiration and practical design tips for those who want to improve their style or completely renovate their home. A must have in my opinion.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Robert and Courtney Novogratz have a hit TV show (9 by Design) and are incredibly popular New York-based interior designers and renovators. Known for his ability to mix high-end pieces with bargains, his hip design style is infectious and this book is full of great practical tips for design and renovation. They are also parents to seven children, including two sets of twins!

A beautiful book to highlight the history of the Vanity Fair brand. A great graphic cover too.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Maitland Smith Leather & Gold Leaf Book Coffee Or Cocktail Table

I’ve been a photography enthusiast since way back and when I saw Annie Leibovitz interviewed on Oprah several years ago when she was launching this book, I decided to get my husband and I this year for a Christmas present. Ordered. It continues to be used in my home styling and I still love looking at her stunning photography and reading about her inspiring life.

I had heard a lot about this book before I bought it and one day I saw it in the window of a bookstore and I decided to buy it. This is a book about challenging the way we live and thinking about different ways to live more sustainably. The book has a great message but is also full of beautiful photos of homes around the world. With a bold green spine it also brings some color to your style.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

About the world of fashion and the people it influences, The Fashion Book covers 200 years of fashion with profiles of designers, models, retailers and photographers. Another beauty to have on your coffee table and there are a few covers and editions to choose from, pick your favorite below.

Best Travel Coffee Table Books From 2021

A book about public and private spaces in Brooklyn today. This includes renovations, renovations, innovations, and industrial profiles such as mechanic shops that have become new restaurants, new museums, townhouse renovations, and Brooklyn trends.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

If you want to take a look inside the homes of your favorite fashion designers, this is the book for you. It looks great on your coffee table and is one that clients often flip to while they are waiting to see me. Different home interiors always give rise to many design ideas and questions.

This is one of my own inner books. Since black and white is one of my favorite palettes I love flipping through the pages of this book to get new ideas on how to rework this classic combination. This book is simply divine.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

The Bronze Coffee Table B.b. For Reschio

The book features several projects by interior designer and author, Miles Redd. This is another bold and graphic cover that I like to style in large stacks of books because it really stands out and makes a big impact.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of my favorite coffee table books for styling. This is of course only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to updating your style. If you’d like to get more ideas and inspiration, sign up for our newsletter below. And if you found this post useful, please share the graphic below on Pinterest.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

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Mallorca: A Decorative Book

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A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

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Find out more about the courses and resources we offer via the buttons below and feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. , enjoy expressing their passion for literature. After all, there are plenty of ways to show that you’re a nerd for the written word. You can personalize furniture, accessorize with a cute tote bag, or get super creative with book pages. Our entire host of book fetish posts is dedicated to this desire to celebrate our collective bookishness. It’s just wonderful, right? Well, I have some more bookish goodness for you, and it has to do with decorative books for coffee tables!

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Different Design Of Tables For Books Elegant And Functional

Ah, the coffee table. Part desk and part footstool, the coffee table is a great piece of furniture that serves many purposes. It can be your unofficial dining table for late night snacks as well as your tea or coffee holder. One of its main roles is to hold your remote controls, small decorative items, books, magazines, and other reading materials. At its core, the coffee table is a simple piece of furniture for storing household items and beverages while also providing a place to display some decor! Because of its utility and location in your living space, it’s a great area to display your love for books.

What is the ideal book for your coffee table? Glad you asked. You can always keep your favorite books on your coffee table. It could be a limited edition of a classic book, a signed copy of a new contemporary novel, or a beautiful hardcover with gold lettering. Personal preference and collector’s editions aside, there are some notable features that make it ideal.

A Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

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