40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

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Description: The new introduction of round dining, coffee and side tables completes our popular Gramercy Tables collection to meet the ever-growing needs of our valued customers. Choose from the finish options of Nimbus High Fired Ceramic Top paired with Tiger Drylac® White Aluminum and Graphite High Fired Ceramic Top with Sherwin Williams® Black or Patina. Create the ultimate sophisticated setting by adding Gramercy tables to your outdoor space.

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide In addition to being functional, patio furniture is a way to beautify your backyard and enhance the entire exterior of your home. Before buying a set of outdoor furniture, there are several things to consider: • How often and for what purposes do you use the patio? • Do you entertain often or spend a significant amount of time in your backyard? • Do you have many weekend parties or holiday guests? • How many people do you usually have around the terrace table? • How to… Read more

Amazon.com: Phi Villa 32” Outdoor Furniture Patio Bistro Table, Dining Coffee Tea Small Round Side End Tables For Garden, Backyard, Cast Aluminum With 1.75” Umbrella Hole, Dark Brown

Outdoor Wicker Furniture High quality wicker patio furniture is handcrafted by weaving outdoor wicker onto a powder coated aluminum frame. This kind of manufacturing technique allows for a softer feel and warmer look, making high-end wicker patio furniture a more affordable choice. Choosing patio furniture with thicker and wider wicker makes it feel stronger and more substantial, while providing a premium look that is gradually replacing thinner wicker. People have one concern…Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Cast aluminum patio furniture is fast becoming a popular choice especially in pool areas as you don’t have to worry about breaking or shattering the glass on your dining table or coffee and side tables. The cast aluminum is solid, but also looks solid, which only adds to its high-end appearance. The smooth finish of aluminum also lends a more formal look. The unique technique used to produce cast aluminum patio furniture allows the manufacturer to… Read more

Stainless Steel Outdoor Furniture Stainless steel patio furniture can be 100% stainless steel or combine stainless steel with outdoor wicker to create a unique look. Because stainless steel is produced in more linear shapes and styles, it creates a very modern feel. Stainless steel furniture is suitable for more modern homes and hotels and is a great choice for commercial clients who want to create a modern… Read More

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Courtyard Casual Santa Fe 48 In. Round Aluminum Dining Table With Slat Top 5171

Outdoor restaurant furniture Side chairs are a great choice for restaurants because they not only take up less space, but also require less space for people to get in and out of their place around the table. Many restaurants prefer a side chair for this reason. A solid table top, which is easy to clean, is also advantageous. Since one of the main factors a restaurant looks at is how many people it is serving at any given time, it is beneficial to keep the furniture small and compact to… Read More

Commercial Outdoor Furniture As long as the furniture is strong enough, all wicker patio furniture, cast aluminum patio furniture and stainless steel patio furniture can be used as commercial patio furniture. The key point to know if the furniture is strong enough is to check what materials it is made of. People always ask, “How much does a lawn chair weigh?” and the simple answer is that the harder it is…Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Teak Outdoor Furniture Teak patio furniture requires annual maintenance, if this is not something you can commit to then we strongly recommend that you consider teak look patio furniture instead. Patio furniture with a teak look is made of aluminum with a hand-applied finish. It still captures the beauty of teak but requires maintenance… Read more

Garden Elements Sienna Metal Round Patio Glass Top Table, 40

Outdoor fireplace Table top materials for outdoor fireplaces can be classified into tiles, granite, fiberglass, concrete and aluminum. Tile slabs are not very durable and have been known to fall off after only a year, so few factories continue to use this material. While granite tops are a popular choice because they add a luxurious look to your fire pit, they come with their own set of issues. When heated, the granite around the burner area heats up, and when it meets the cooler outer perimeter, it… Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor Sectionals The most obvious advantage of outdoor sections is that they can be assembled in many configurations and sizes, including round, curved, square and rectangular sets. Sectional options also include wicker profiles, cast aluminum profiles and stainless steel profiles. The sections are made up of many different modules, including left and right modules, slips and corners, all of which can be put together to create the arrangement that’s right for you….Read more

Outdoor Fire Pit Tables Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to any patio, not only providing a cozy atmosphere but also providing some warmth. Usually, the more BTUs the firebox has, the bigger the flame. When you choose a fire pit that is beautifully designed and stylish, you can enjoy it not only on cool summer evenings, but also during the day, you can use it as a coffee table by covering…Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Round Poly Resin Outdoor Coffee Table

Balcony furniture The goal of balcony furniture is to make it not only storable, but also comfortable. You want to strike a balance between size and space to fit comfortably but still leave plenty of room to walk on your… Read More

Outdoor chaise longues Look for outdoor chaise longues with wheels so you can easily move them whenever you want. Just imagine how convenient it would be if you could move from the side of the pool under the sun to a nice shady spot when you’ve had enough. One feature you can also consider is a chaise longue, which is designed so that the cushions fit into the frame; this ensures that the cushion stays in place when you move on it. It also creates a clean look by not having to…Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor Sunbeds Some outdoor sunbeds come with a canopy, which is great on hot sunny days when you need to cool off. Daybeds without canopies are more suitable for commercial use, as they are easy to… Read more

Set3 Narvik Round Coffee Table

Outdoor Benches Outdoor garden benches are not only a good place to relax, but they can also help decorate the backyard by filling in any gaps in the landscape. They are a great choice for the back corner of the yard under a large shady…Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor Bar Stools Outdoor bars are a great option to liven up your patio. When looking for wicker outdoor bar stools, make sure you look at the leg area, this area gets a lot of wear and tear, especially when used in a commercial setting. Therefore, it is best to choose a stool that does not have any wickerwork in that area. Cast aluminum outdoor bar stools are another great choice, and because they are made of aluminum, the footrest is very durable. However, since the cast…Read more

Outdoor chairs Outdoor wicker dining chairs are most often chosen for deep seating, but outdoor wicker dining chairs are also a great choice. The backs of the outdoor wicker dining chairs are fully fixed, creating a very comfortable seat. The most popular choice for dining are cast aluminum patio chairs. Cast aluminum allows for a wide variety of styles and also provides a more formal look. Stainless steel chairs are perfect when a modern luxury look is desired….Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Patio Coffee Table Round 01 3d Model $29

Outdoor Tables There are many styles of patio tables, with the 2 main materials being outdoor wicker and aluminum. Both have their advantages, and while wicker tables provide a soft and casual feel, a glass top is not always preferred, especially in areas where there is a pool nearby. Some newer styles use outdoor wicker legs and a frame combined with an aluminum plate. This design not only solves the problem of glass, but also creates a very fashionable look and allows…Read more

Outdoor Umbrellas and Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas One popular feature to look for in umbrellas is whether they can be tilted, which helps maximize shade coverage. The round 7′ umbrella has push-button tilt, while the 9′ and 11′ umbrellas have automatic tilt. The 10′ square and 8*11′ patio umbrellas cannot be tilted due to their size. Auto-tilt works once the umbrella is fully open by continuing to use the handle to start the tilt function. Button tilt works by pressing a button to tilt the umbrella. Use the table below… Read more

40 Round Outdoor Coffee Table

Cantilever Outdoor Umbrellas When shopping for a top cantilever patio umbrella, look for one that comes with wheels and can rotate 360°, making it easy for you to move it around depending on where the sun is. Also a good idea is where you can adjust the angle of the canopy to ensure maximum shade coverage. When you know

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